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Re: [pct-l] RE: Just an observation...but

Backpacking is open to everyone, I have found that ethnic individuals that are
one or two generations from their ethnic origins associate camping outdoors with
peasant backgrounds. I have friends from Persia (Iran) and South America and the
idea of sleeping on the ground is distasteful. My own mother who is from England
and grew up in a very poor family would camp only because of my fathers love of
it (he was from Maine's north woods). I have an Ethiopian associate with a Ph.D.
and he walked over 1000 miles to keep from being killed and the idea of
backpacking / camping is not a good time.

In summary if you have struggled all your life to get a decent roof over your
head, why wound you go back to were you came from?

Owen K

> My husband and I have also made the same observation about the lack of other
> ethnic peoples hiking the trail and wished there was a way we could share
> our love of backpacking with them so they too could be aware of the beauty
> of backpacking.  A thing shared is all the more wonderful for the sharing.

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