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Re: [pct-l] Bear proofing idea

margo@tothesummit.com called our attendtion to the SubPack bearproof bag. I 
checked out their website and asked Phil about his invention. Here is his 

"Thank you for your interest in TheSubPack, the revolutionary bearproof 
cooler.  The weight of the SubPack is 1lb, 4oz.   The bag assembly is one 
pound, and the double tube closure is 4 oz.  The capacity is 924 cu.in.   
Currently in production is The SubPack II, which will weigh a full 4 oz 
lighter, and will encompass several important improvements.  We expect it to 
be ready for sale in September.

   In our field tests, no bear has yet discovered a properly submerged
SubPack.  With The SubPack we have entirely eliminated the airborne odors 
that bears follow to find food.  We recommend that the Subpack be submerged 
in a steep dropoff, not in a shallow beach where a bear might stumble upon 
it.   If a bear did find one, we believe that the bear could tear The 
SubPack open and take its contents, but it has never happened to our 

	One should play close attention to this last sentence.


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