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[pct-l] So is the border safe or what?


First post. I'm Neil Hollister in Portland, OR. I'm Considering doing the
North bound PCT from Mexico to Canada next season, and have done a of
portion of the High Sierras, Oregon and Washington. 

So, after, what I believe was a well guided attempt to garner a wider
audience for backpacking, and the response of the "Coyote", I just want to

So is the border safe or what? 

I've thought about looking for partners for the first 50 miles, but also
don't want to get tied down from the start by a slow or faster partner.
"Coyote", if your trying to indicate that I should expect trouble at the
border, let me know. 

Any suggestions for dealing with the perils of civilaztion --  i.e. things
that go bump in the night that aren't bears --  is greatly appreciated.

Mucho Gracias


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