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Re: [pct-l] What kind of guy is this Horseam?

At 02:09 PM 7/21/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Gosh Greg, Calm down! 

Dear Dane,

I am.

I'm sorry if I came off as shouting, that was not my intention nor my
style.  I just kept seeing these justifications and had to go back,
accumulate them and try to understand.  I dare not judge, lest ye judge me
(for I am far from innocent, nor able to visit the wilderness with zero
impact).  I am glad to see that in recognition of your impact you feel
compelled to repair and contribute to maintain.  I acknowledge that my
intrusions into the wilderness will always cause some level of impact
regardless of my awareness, preparedness and intention.  However,
recognizing this I am also compelled to improve the path and sites that I
visit by leaving them better in some way than I found them.

I saw the movie "Patton" the other day and there is a moment in the movie
where Patton turns down the offer to drink to victory by a Russian General,
by saying he wouldn't ever drink to anything with a S.O.B. Russian.  To
which the Russian calls Patton back a S.O.B.  So then Patton agrees to
drink from one SOB to another!

I'll take you up on that beer when you're in town, you S.O.B.!

S.O.B. "Greg"
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