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[pct-l] What kind of guy is this Horseam?

Gosh Greg, Calm down! I have never in my life had to tell anyone to get off
the trail. All of the backpackers I have met were very considerate and got
off the trail. Only had a couple incidences where the day hikers refused to
move. I didn't have to give orders, they finally moved! It was very steep
land and surely nowhere for me to go but straight ahead. I wonder why
someone would have to tell you to move? We don't want to cause any more
dammage by having horses get off the trail.  

Greg, I do not want to get carried away with a shouting match. I will again
defend myself once more for the last time. You are welcomed to e-mail me
personally if you want to bitch. I think we agree on a lot of the same
things. You are just angry at me and will look for anything to bite back.
Relax, I'll buy you a beer if I get down there:)

The place I dropped my backpack off was at a crazy little camping spot where
a bunch of people were shooting guns etc. This was by no means a wilderness.
The trail was not even a designated trail but a path close to a river. The
pack was not even a quarter mile from the road. Hey, I was just starting out
on the expedition. You learn a lot at first. Haven't you ever over-loaded in
your life? Only so much gear can fit in panyards on a horse. I pack about
150 pounds on a horse now. Then, the pack was about 190. I weigh 235 pounds.
When I said that I was over loaded, I mean that it took more energy and time
to jam all the light weight gear in, than it did to ride. My wife and I were
getting disgusted and tempers were flairing, so I decided to just get rid of
some gear after a fight. I loved that backpack and sure wish I could have
kept it!!!! Best pack I will ever own. What kills me is that some one who
doesn't appreciate or even knows what this pack is, has it. Almost a $500
value with pack and gear. I did give some two way radios to a group of
mountain bikers. They were riding from the west Coast to somewhere on the
East coast! I bet if you found a $1000 bill on the trail with a note saying
"It is yours", you wouldn't complain about someone detracting you from
nature. Well, maybe YOU would *G*

I said that it was wrong to feed the bears! Sheesh! I was young and loved
bears. I was also a lonely mountain man and the animals kept me company.   I
tried my hardest to find a bear cub and train it with no luck. Those crazy
days are gone. My wife will divorce me if she caught me feeding a bear. I
seen a program years ago of a hermet who fed bears in Colorado. The film
showed him surrounded by several bear as he fed them and he said that he
will probably die from a bear attack. Maybe this film inspired me. 

You made a remark about how cruel it is to ride a horse, now you say that I
can not swim a horse. Listen to the person who does not like orders but sure
loves to give them. I do not swim in every pristine lake I see. I have
mention that I bounce all over the mountains. Don't even tell me I can't
swim my horse! No difference than fording a creek! If you have a problem,
change the law. I have only swam my horse a few times in the last 5 years. I
have rode by 100's of lakes and was tempted but it was not the right horse
swimming lake.  People spread more disease than anything. I would never tell
a person that they shouldn't swim. I see people all the time washing in
wilderness lakes. None of my business. I let the Spirit of the Wild deal
with them! Last year, an all women horse group invaded a horsecamp by
diamond peak for a campout. There were pretty gals every where! They were on
a horse trail by the Willamette pass that has more water than the PCT. I
believe it was the Windigo/Metolious Trail. Skinny dippers everywhere and
they weren't hiding anything! We told all the Northbound hikers and boy did
that lighten their load! Also told them all about the good pizza and great
micro brew at the Willamette ski lodge!(In OR) I think we created a lot of
detours. Please Greg, Don't call me a Perv now! It was nature at its finest!!

Yes, my horses can and do cause damage. I wish this wasn't true. I swear to
you that I do trail work all the time to make up for the damage. I believe
that a Person should put back more than they take! I truly believe if you
don't, the Trail Gods will get you by the ass! I also pack out garbage I
see. It is no big deal packing it out with a horse. I have a regular gargabe
area on my pack. The wilderness is surprissingly clean up this way!

You needn't get so up tight with me. I am also a nature fanatic. I am on
this list to get some information on the trail. May even give a little
myself. So far, I have only made friends with the backpackers I meet. I
think the through hikers are the best! They appreciate life and are out
doing it and do not have to be bitter about anything. I was looking forward
to meeting the through hikers this August and am afraid that I will miss
them this year. Love to hear their stories. I wish you would give me a
break. I left cowboy country and cowboy ways. I am just trying to fit in
with you all down there. My wife's parents live in a very wealthy equestrian
community in Orange and it was her idea to ride the PCT. My Idea was the
CDT. We rode from MT through WY and decided to ride west to the PCT. I can
make big bucks in Orange so thought it would be a nice trip. So far it has
been terrific!!! WE have been welcomed by everyone. I am serousily thinking
on skipping the High Sierra on my expedition across the US now. Maybe ride
through Nevada and Utah. I was looking forward to crossing the Anza Borego
Desert On the way back to New Mexico, in Southern CA. The ultimate
challenge. I just don't know if it is worth getting thrown in jail from
fighting with rude people. You make it sound like a mad house down there. I
have visited the Sierra trails many times backpacking and just do not
remember seeing all the tention and destruction you speak of. Guess I have a
knack of finding great trails! I was just at Yosimete a month or so ago on a
rode trip. Lots of people but the monoliths were more powering than the
crowds. I love that place. 



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