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[pct-l] pack materials-Tom and Kurt

Thanks for your imput regarding the materials used in the stays. I was able 
to get in touch with Wayne Gregory of Gregory Mountain Products last night. 
They, unlike the  laminate of carbon fiber weave that was used in the '97 
Summit Series packs (and what seems more prevalant in other products today), 
the stays that were provided me are graphite/carbon fiber, a non-weave 
version sandwiched to a phelolic (sp) resin mid layer. As the story goes, 
Wayne had a lot of returns of these '97 packs due to a manufacturing 
problems with the stays from his supplier. Now all his packs, regardless of 
the line, are using 7075 aluminum (I don't recall the temper). The stays he 
provided me are supposedly stays he includes on packs for sponsored 

When I returned my defective Robson, I learned they just manufactured a new 
pack called the "Thru-Hiker" at about half the cost of the Robson, and about 
a pound less in weight. I requested that my hydration system and some carbon 
fiber stays be included in a trade (in an attempt to break-even in my 
dollars spent), rather than tearing apart the new Robson and adding more 
weight to fix a faulty material used in the back panel. 

For everyone else, keep an eye out for this new "Thru Hiker" pack. It may 
not of hit the stores yet, but I know Campmor carries it. My large pack 
weighs about 5 pounds and carries around 5200 ci. It's a no frills pack. No 
sleeping bag compartment, lighter materials used throughout, two large mesh 
pockets on the bottom sides, and a bungie cord arangement on the back for 
lashing, retailing around $225 or so. I'm told next year they will be 
integrating the light and super strong Spectra ripstop more into their packs,
 this one might be included (although I'm sure the price would increase 
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