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Re: [pct-l] Numbers of PCT thru-hikers per year

Mark Janowiak wrote:
> This is probably a topic taken up thousands of times already but I'll ask
> anyway. How many people attempt to thru hike the PCT per year and what is
> the average number actually hiking the whole 2600 miles in the same year?
> I just read recently that 1200 start the AT every year and about 120 make
> it. Seems like an abysmally low success rate.
> Thanks,

More like 3000 start and 300-600 finish.  It has always been quoted as
10-20%, but I don't know if it is still true with all the amenities on
the trail these days.  Remember that some 40% of people starting the AT
have never backpacked before they start the trail. It makes a big
difference.  The PCT is different because most of the people who start
will have some experience - hopefully a lot.  I would expect the success
rate to be higher.  Also, because of the additional distance and weather
concerns, those who start are more likely to be younger stronger hikers.
On the AT you have kids as young as 8, much older people (Earl Schaffer
at 79 is doing his third thruhike), etc. On the PCT you have horses and
llamas to carry the weight if you can't. Again, it makes a big
difference in who goes out and how many succeed.

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