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Re: [pct-l] re: Brick/film

One of the best shots I ever took was at Sheep Lake just outside the Goat
Rocks in Washington.  it was just after dawn and I set up the camera
(Olympus XA-2, the best backpacking camera ever made) on a rock five feet in
front of the tent.  I leapt back into the tent and wormed my way into the
sleeping bag.  Just as the shutter snapped I was grinning madly at the
camera, light blue clip flashlight tent framing billow light blue down bag,
framing my face with the maddest/crazed look in my eye ever captured on
film.  Invariably when I show my slides of the Oregon/Washington section
hike, this is the favorite.  

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle, Washington...

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