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[pct-l] Re: Film

My $0.02 on pictures.

Take pics of EVERY town stop. When you look back on the trip you will
remember it in sections between civilization breaks. If you don't take
pictures of the towns/restraunts, you will have a harder time keeping track
of the trip a few years down the pike - at least I do.

I truely enjoy the wilderness, but after a while, one section of beautiful
trail through the trees just doesn't stand out in my memory from any other,
but I will always have a distinct memory of the all you can eat lunch at
Drakesbad in Lassen NP, or eating 4 large Pizzas (with friends) and
drinking numerous pitchers of Iced tea at Old Station, or eating 3 complete
breaksfasts at Red's Meadow........hmmmm the highlights of all the towns
stops seem to revolve around food. Funny how that works <vbg>

In any event, while on the trip, I tended to neglect the town stops when
taking photos because of the beauty of the trail. I now regret that oversight.

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