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[pct-l] Re: Rain

I've become a real believer in Jardine's recommendation of carrying an
umbrella.  Have not had the opportunity to do so in the Northwest though
it's worked well in So. Cal.

<<Tim - I have done some hikes in Colorado and Arkansas. I have not
attempted the AT, but on one of my 15-day/200-mile trips in CO. it
rained 14 of the 15 days.  Sorry to let you know that when it rains that
much, thaere's not too much you can do to keep dry.  the most important
thing is to try to keep your sleeping bag dry.  on our trip, almost
every thing we had was soaked. my sleeping bar finally got a little wet
on about the 10th day.  after constant pouring rain for 10 days, i just
was'nt able to keep it dry. fortunately on the 11th day, the sun came
out for about 11 hours, then it rained agian that night.  we were able
to dry some stuff out during the 11-hour recess from the showers, but
for the most part, we just lived wet.  <<
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