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Re: [pct-l] fishing

>        Will I be able to count on catching fish to eat?  I do not know
>how to fly fish(growing up and living in TX, doesn't require this
 I mean, can I use other methods of fishing, such as
>spoon lures and other artificial bait? Or will I be just wasting my time
>and carrying extra weight?       dude

   Well, Dude, I've never met a fisherman who considered fishing a waste
of time! [G]  I've also never known one that could "count on" catching
fish, especially in unfamiliar territory. You don't know what the
weather, mid-summer water temps, your Luck, etc. will be like, and it
sounds like you plan on moving along fairly briskly on your 200 mile
hike, so I don't imagine you'll want to spend the time it may take to
scope out how/where they're biting, and so forth. 
  A light spinning setup (sectional rod you can fit in your pack, of
course) is fine for that area; so is stuff like Power Bait (shudder).
Many lakes stocked in the Sierra, and PB-type food is all hatchery-fish
know, poor things...  If you want a guarantee of three squares a day:
enjoy any trout you catch as a delicious _addition_ to the food you pack
(not a substitute, unless you're on a serious diet). Remember to buy/wear
your fishing license, ahem.             bj

----I dunno about the posted idea of purchasing a fly rod/How To video, 
then setting off  soon after to live-off-the-land; as a mediocre (at
best) fly-fisherlady, I think there's a bit more to it than that. Also, I
hear, folks who are used to spin-casting (you?) have a harder time
switching over initially than non-fishermen....

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