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Re: [pct-l] Re: Corn Pasta

While we're popping pills and adding potentially worthwhile weight to our
packs, let it be known that the most effective way to metabolize calcium -
undoubtedly an important mineral for long distance hikers - is to combine it
with magnesium in something like a 2-to-1 ratio.  Calcium/magnesium supplements
are readily available, and are often combined with zinc as well, another
goodie.  As a side benefit, magnesium helps in the regulation of fluid in
our cells and can help to eliminate muscle spasms of the sort which can
plague fatigued hikers around bedtime.
As for corn pasta, I like some of the theories presented on why it is a
"notch above" regular wheat pasta.  Easier to metabolize - makes sense, as
does  the idea that corn has more amino acids than wheat.  But I have to
wonder if it could be the organic nature of most of the corn pasta varieties
on the market, no pesticides, chemicals, etc. which bolsters its usefulness
over the long haul.  Much of what we consume as wheat pasta is mass-produced
who-knows-what, having had the life sapped out of it in the processing stages.
The "mac" part of Kraft mac n cheese is basically just the equivalent of
enriched white bread.  Sap the nutrients, then add them back sort of thing...
Which makes a particular variety of this hiker favorite sound interesting...
Annie's Whole Wheat m & c.  Organic, and unstripped.  I'll be making this,
along with corn pasta, and the occasional Tuna Helper, the mainstays of my
evening diet on my AT re-run this summer.  The Annie's is delicious, I might
add, and brown.
- Blister>
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