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Re: [pct-l] fishing

I met a couple last summer when I did the Tahoe to Tuolomne
section hike coming from whitney heading to oregon.  The male
partner would hike real fast after lunch while the female partner
washed and meandered up the trail.  he would make camp and then
fish.  He was fly fishing and said he caught dinner most nights.

Also, you can get an inexpensive fly outfit from a Walmart or
Thrifty type store and take out a video from the library on how to
do it.  Sure there are a manifold of skill levels, but if  you
know where the fish hang out in a 20' wide creek, you'll do fine.
You don't need a 9' pole to fish streams.  Nor do you need 100
yards of line.

And also, when you cook trout, cut it to fit your pot.  Then put
about two inchs of twigs in the bottom of the pot.  Put about an
inch and a half of water in the pot, set the water to boil, and
put the fish on the twigs.  The point is not to "cook" fresh
trout, but to heat it up.  Try it.  It's truly a delicacy cooked
this way...

Jeffrey Olson
Seattle, Washington..;.

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