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[pct-l] Re: Corn Pasta

>foods that complement corn well?         Kelly Flowers

   Any "complete" protein food like powdered milk (meat of course - but
what a hassle!)or soy products like TVP etc,  other "incompletes" 
legumes: peanut butter, lentils, stuff like that.  Incompete proteins
don't actually have to be mathematically/religiously "combined" at every
meal, just within a day or so - it's not as complicated as the early
vegetarian cookbooks once preached...
   I think an earlier post about not putting too much faith in corn pasta
was well expressed (forget who to give credit to, sorry); corn has a bit
more available energy than wheat, but not enough to qualify it as a Super
Food, even if you eat an awful lot of it. It has more fat than wheat
(that's why Mazola isn't _wheat_ or rice oil :->), so it could
stick-to-your-ribs a bit longer, but again, not a huge difference. It
does seem to take longer to cook and the end-product is mushier (like
cornmeal _mush_, come to think of it); I, personally prefer corn in the
more familiar, easier-cooked form of cornmeal grits (polenta).
   Nobody's raised this nutritional point so far, so:
When I backpack, especially on long trips, I always take my "daily
requirement" of calcium, in the form of 500-600mg tablets, along, as well
as a daily multivitamin/mineral supplement.  (As far as resupply goes,
seems like Tums are sold _everywhere_ nowadays...) That's a small weight
addition, but I hope will pay dividends as osteoporosis-prevention.
Weight-bearing exercise is good for bone-density, to be sure, but you
have to get adequate calcium, and that's hard to do when you can't drink
3-4+ glasses milk/eat leafy green vegetables, blah blah. Eating foods
that "have calcium in them" like puddings, tortillas, doesn't insure that
you're consuming an _adequate_ amount. Fine-boned ladies want to be
particularly scrupulous about getting enough calcium; hope none of them
are pushing themselves so hard on the trail that their menses become
interrupted - not good for bones either, as you well know.         bj

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