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Re: [pct-l] Re: April start?

La Nina after El Nino?  From what I just heard, she may have to wait until
next year.  Long term El Nino "forecast" (if you can take any of this
forecast nonsense seriously) is for him to continue in a weakened form well
into spring, perhaps returning next fall and winter.  This would mean more
rain and snow for the west, more warmth for the east, and more violent
episodes in the southeast, etc.  So might northbounders this year be dealing
both with snow on the ground, and inclemency from the skies simultaneously?
Or will that reliable subtropical high pressure belt park off the west
coast and let the snow melt away?  I refer to "northbounders" in the third
person because I still haven't made up my sorry butt on whether to hike it
this year or not.  Really want the PCT experience.  Ready to accept a good,
hard challenge.  But willing to listen to an inner voice of reason, too.
Maybe Santa _will_ answer our wish lists and tell us what to expect.
- Blister>
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