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[pct-l] tyvex question

I ignored most of the Tyvex thread a couple weeks ago, content with my 
quick-drying 4 mil. black-plastic tarp as a tent footprint - Until I came 
across a link of an ultralight packer from the ALDHA WEST page. His tarp 
only weighed around 3-4 oz! Now I'm sort of interested. Is there a way to 
get the best of both worlds and get this material in quick-drying black? I 
suppose I could dye it. I recall someone mentioned good and not so good 
Tyvex for backpacking. Is this material substantially lighter than 4mil 
plastic found at hardwear stores and what about durability? If this material 
gets water logged am I saving much weight? I don't like the idea of all that 
advertizing on my tarp as well. Any responses would be appreciated. I recall 
someone said they've bought some and are mailing-out desired lengths to 

-Ken Marlow
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