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[pct-l] WA / OR Resupply update

At Olallie Lake, Oregon you can continue to mail parcels to the Estacada
Ranger District, as hikers have done in the past.  However, the Olallie Lake
Resort store, instead of the ranger cabin, will hold the parcels and keep
the PCT Register.   Allow one extra week for your parcel to reach the
resort.  The proprietors, Doneal & Melanie Thornton, will be very supportive
of PCT hikers who resupply there.  This change was the result of NFS budget
cuts, and there will no longer be a ranger at the ranger cabin.

In Washington, northbound hikers crossing the Columbia River can resupply at
a little known store just 35 miles north of Cascade Locks.  The Stabler
Country Store is about one mile south of the PCT along the Wind River Rd.
(map H5).  The benifit for hikers is that they can climb up from the
Columbia River with much less pack weight.  I resupplied there on my '96
thru-hike.  The proprietor of the store, April, is very friendly.  Mail
packages to:  Stabler Country Store; 22 Hemlock Y Rd.; Carson, WA  98610;
phone (509) 427-2717.  Hours are 9am to 7 pm daily.  

roger carpenter

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