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[pct-l] Re: April start?

>April is not a good time to start this year due to El Nino, IMO. [snip] 
>I think a May 15 to October 1 trip sounds pretty ideal this year.  Any 
>comments on this suggestion?   Jeremy Rice 

   Sounds like solid advice (for the average hiker) to _me_ -  altho,
depending on how conditions shape up later on, ya might want to
hustle-your-bustle on the last leg...
   The San Jacintos are really socked in now, with a big cold front from
Alaska dumping more snow in the mountains (and on the palm trees at 2000'
- amazing sight!) for the next two weeks, at least. I keep saying I'm
gonna head out to the Sierra again (& cancelling), but am definitely
leaving for some kind trip there this pm, and will report anything
   Did I pass on that bit about La Nina? You know, the period of hot
_unusually dry_ weather that follows the El Nino precipitation? If "she"
occurs, then it'll be Bad News for fire-season, but terrific for the
pct-ers finishing up in the NW...      bj

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