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[pct-l] Re: Tyvek

Hi All -
(There is some redundant info here, re: Tyvek, which I'm including to
forestall questions from those new to the lists who may not have read some
of this before. For those who have, pardon please. :-)

Just returned from a 130 mile kayak trip wherein I was able to test Tyvek,
using it for protection from rain as well as a groundcloth. The type I
bought was 7657, thinner and lighter than housewrap-type, and it worked
fine - even in a severe thunderstorm/tornado watch downpour experienced one
night on Cumberland Island, Ga. 7657 is *not* waterproof, but the amount of
water which leaked thru was an amount similar to condensation - very little.
This type is different from what Kay at Quest has - her type is the
cloth-style Tyvek, suitable for lightweight wind garments or stuff sacks,
etc... Cloth style is perforated and has a definite cloth feel, while what I
was using has more of a paper texture, and about an envelope papers'
thickness. Anyway, I bought 150' roll of the stuff to play with, and have
lots of leftover, as you can imagine. In an effort to lose some of my
surplus, and to forestall other hikers from being banned from post offices
or worse, if anybody would like to buy some I'll sell what I've got at cost
plus shipping. My roll is 38" wide (I can make wider sheets), and cost $.50
per linear foot, give or take a couple of cents. If anyone would like some,
feel free to email me and we'll set it up. Also. if anyone has questions
they think I can answer, I'll be glad to try. Happy Trails -


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