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[pct-l] re: Tyvek alternative

  On the opposite end of the spectrum for Tyvek cost:

  I was stuffing my new down sleeping bag yesterday as I prepare for a trip
when I noticed the tag at the foot, you know, the one that says "Unlawful to
remove by any except purchaser".  I decided to rip it off since I didn't want
it on there and I seemed to be able to legally do it.  Once off I noticed it
was - yes!! - Tyvek.  Now this little legal document measures about 2 inches by
4 inches, so I immediately saw that I had a problem if I wanted to use it as a
shelter, being a good ultralight-wannabe.  With those dimensions, it would take
1152 such tags (8 square inches) to make up an 8 foot by 8 foot tarp, once they
were all glued/taped together.  Since the sleeping bag cost a little over $100,
I knew it was not to be, as the last time I looked in my bank account, it
wasn't anywhere near $115,200, as you might imagine.  However, I have not given
up hope, but continue my search for "free" Tyvek in all its forms whereever I
may find it.

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