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[pct-l] National Geographic

Karl wrote the bit below in a response to Ken Marlow-

>I just picked up "The Pacific Crest Trail" by William R. Gray from the
>library just last night. It chronicles the 1600 mile, seven month hike
>of William Gray and Sam Abell back in 1974. It was published by
>National Geographic in 1975. It's got lots of nice glossy pictures at
>the beginning of each chapter like you'd expect from National
>Geographic. Is this the one you're talking about?


  I am curious.  Someone else on this list mentioned that since you work for
National Geographic Society, couldn't you get camera recommendations from your
co-workers.  Sam Abell just had an article a couple of issues ago, and their
was the usual article about the photographers in it.  I forget what the article
was that he had photographed, but it was not at all about the usual subjects he
does, which the PCT book follows.  He seems (in print) to be a very friendly
guy and I wondered if you might query him about a good light camera to carry. 
I am going to be in the market myself as both of my Olympus OM's (OM1 and OM2,
both over 20 years old) recently refused to work (I smell a plot) and I admit
to being totally overwhelmed by today's cameras.

Alan (whose copy of NGS's "The Pacific Crest Trail" arrived a couple of days
after I left for Campo in spring 1975)
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