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[pct-l] Re: Tyvek

Ryan (et al)  -

Tommorrow (Mon.) I'll be sending out Tyvek to a number of list members -
soon, there'll be lots of feedback!<g>

I too noticed the noise you speak of - it seems to me that use takes care of
that. Lots o' wrinkles from folding and stuffing quieted the material down -
I think it has something to do with the flatness and stiffness of the
material when still new. Your housewrap may be a different thickness than
what I have, but not by much, so I'd think that you'll notice the same
thing. I'm glad I don't have the big logo's on mine, though :-)

Speaking of that, I called DuPont to inquire about the "two-sided"ness of
Tyvek in regard to water repellancy, and was told by the representative that
I spoke to that the only advantage/difference between one side or another
*was* that logo - she said the only reason it works better with the logo
side out was that it gave Dupont free advertisement! So feel free to use
whichever side you like...

Walk smartly -


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