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[pct-l] Re: Guns on the PCT

>me, as I will not be arming myself.  Just to reassure Brigitte, who
seemed a
>bit put out by my question, I am opposed to carrying firearms when
>backpacking, as I thought I made clear in my posting. [snip]  I'm just
as interested in hiking the entire PCT as everyone else.   William C.

  Thanks for reassuring me! And _I'm sorry_ if you were miffed by my
alarm at your considering carying firearms on your hike. (You said you
normally wouldn't carry "if the threat is small, but...", then wanted
advice on the size of that threat and _whether_ to carry. Hardly a post
from someone who'd made up their mind not-to-pack a gun!) I guess your
talk of "scumbags" and "personal protection" sounded a bit hair-trigger
for a pacific distance-walker. [G]
   I didn't mean to suggest you weren't as gung-ho about doing the first
50 miles of your thru hike as the next guy, only wanted to ask you not to
pursue that goal if you felt you needed to use deadly force to do so. 
        bj (prissy about cavalier attitudes toward guns, bears, and - oh
don't get me started...)

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