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[pct-l] Re: Guns on the PCT

On 03/03/98 10:00:36 you wrote:

>I don't want to start a "guns in the wilderness" debate by any means, but
>does anyone have an opinion on whether or not the personal threat from
>lawbreakers on the southern 50 miles of the PCT justifies carrying a 
>handgun >for personal defense (I'm well-trained in the use of firearms, so 
>that's not >an issue)?

Well, I think you opened up a can of worms!

For those first 50 miles aliens are a relatively minor threat, dehydration 
is a very REAL THREAT -- carry water instead of the gun!

I'm also curious to know what you would do with the gun after you hiked 
those first 50 miles.  Would you mail it out (isn't that illegal?), have a 
friend meet you somewhere and give it to them, throw it in the bushes, or 
are you planning on carrying it for 2600 more miles!

Here is a statement from the PCT Guide Book Volumne 1:California, page 17, 
#14 "National parks but not forests prohibit dogs and cats on the trail and 
prohibit carrying or using firearms."
 >one person posted a message that he had his gear stolen by some scumbag, 
so I'm concerned.

I believe both Jason and Kat had no problems with their packs while hiking 
the PCT, if they are infact the person(s) you are talking about. It was only 
while they were "in town" I believe, that they had their packs taken and it 
was way up North.

Relax and enjoy your hike!

Happy Trails Couple 

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