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[pct-l] s'no Worries too

We're still planing a 98 hike.  I'm not so sure El Nino is going to 
impact our plans too much.  When I went to the snow survey pages I 
noticed that none of the survey sites were registering levels too far 
from normal, with the except of Beach Meadows.  But even so, the 
entire snow pack at Beach Meadows was gone by June 2 even for that 
nasty El Nino year.  We are leaving a bit later and going a bit slower 
initially that the Jardinian schedules dictate, so we won't even reach 
that point until June 14.  Now I know I'm probably being over 
optimistic, but I'm taking this survey data as a good sign that our 
trek might not be impacted too drastically.

Additionally, all snow pack bets could be off if the Sierras get a lot 
of warm rain between now any June.  That could thin the snow pack and 
increase the creek depth considerably.

Of course, I'm sitting here in Seattle where we are having a very 
unremarkable year. So please, if I'm totally off my rocker, please 
explain the snow situation to me.

PCT 98
El who?
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