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[pct-l] Stolen packs

> From: 	radney@ix.netcom.com
> Sent: 	Tuesday, March 3, 1998 6:55 PM
>  >one person posted a message that he had his gear stolen by some
> scumbag, 
> so I'm concerned.
> I believe both Jason and Kat had no problems with their packs while
> hiking 
> the PCT, if they are infact the person(s) you are talking about. It
> was only 
> while they were "in town" I believe, that they had their packs taken
> and it 
> was way up North.
It was Justin and Katrina who had their packs stolen last year.  The
incident happened 5-10 miles "south" of Burney Falls State Park.  They
were on the trail near a dirt road with little traffic.  They put down
their packs to go fill water bottles.  When they returned, the packs
were gone.  Presumably someone drove by, saw their packs, and took them.

Lest anyone get the wrong impression from this.  Every thru hiker I
talked to was extremely surprised by this.  We were used to leaving our
packs unsupervised, even in towns.  The locals assured us no one would
touch them.  In the wilderness there is even less to worry about.  Every
fellow backpacker knows that pack is someone's lifeline.  And why would
anyone who is not a backpacker steal a backpack?  Sure, the stuff was
expensive when new, but the PCT quickly turns your gear into junk no one
would pay much for.  Perhaps they thought thru hikers might be carrying
a few hundred dollars in cash.  I never leave any cash in my backpack
when in town; and most of us carry credit cards and traveler's checks

My point is this.  Just as food attracts bears, cash attracts thieves.
Don't carry lots of cash on the PCT.  We'll all be a little safer.


PS  Justin and Katrina went home for a few days, resupplied, and got
back on the trail.  They both crossed the Canadian border later that
summer.  Now _there's_ a lesson in flexibility!
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