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[pct-l] guns PCT?

On Tue, 3 Mar 1998 10:00:36 -0700 "William C. Speers"
<bspeers@email.msn.com> writes:

>does anyone have an opinion on whether or not the personal threat from
>lawbreakers on the southern 50 miles of the PCT justifies carrying a 
>handgun for personal defense (I'm well-trained in the use of firearms,
>that's not
>an issue)?  I sure don't want to carry one if the threat is small, but 
>one person posted a message that he had his gear stolen by some scumbag,


   Don't carry a gun.
   Did that "firearms training" make you comfortable with the thought of
using deadly force on a (optional/recreational, after all) thru-hike?
Brrr.  Do you consider _one_ post about stolen gear a "threat" at all? Do
you think carrying a gun would do away with the (occasional) need to keep
an eye on your stuff - or do you forsee engaging in gun battles/shooting
someone, to retain your property? (What _I_ imagine is: the scenario of
having a pistol swiped as well during that PCT theft you're concerned
   If that first 50 miles seems so dangerous that you need a gun to get
you through safely (involves the intent of using a firearm on another
human being), then start your hike 50 miles north.    bj

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