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[pct-l] Belly Beasties

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> From: 	Brick Robbins
> Sent: 	Wednesday, February 25, 1998 12:05 AM
> That being said, I don't filter water for Giardia. I am resistant to
> it, or
> at least they symptoms don't bother me (that much). Some folks get
> laid out
> flat with it. You won't know till you get it first.
	Some people don't filter; some filter occasionally; some filter
religiously.  All but the last group are quite possibly carriers of
Giardia.  Every one of us must assume we're a carrier when it comes to
contaminating the water supply.   Yes it's you and me and the others on
this list who bring Giardia into the mountains every year.  We're up
there early each year and because we're not having problems with
Giardiasis, we can be more careless than some where we "dump" and where
we wash ourselves and our clothes.

	Let's resolve to be more careful.

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