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[pct-l] town layovers

There's not much choice as far as where to resupply.  As far as the nicer 
towns to actually lay over, I would just look to see which one's have the 
most amenities.  These are the bigger towns that would actually have 
something to do.

Town descriptions from memory:

Mt. Laguna (small store, restaurant, motel, campground, too soon for layover 
unless you're really hurting)

Warner Springs (not a town, small restaurant)

Idyllwild (tourist town, beautiful location, lots of amenities, has 
campground in town, Red Kettle restaurant is good, nice first layover)

Big Bear (free place to stay at fire station, free showers, laundromat 
and great pizza place across the street from fire station, bus to main 

Wrightwood (okay, has supermarket, motels, restaurants)

Agua Dulce (hot, supermarket, pizza, check out church for accomodations)

Tehachapi (hot, large town, supermarket, lots of amenities)

Kennedy Meadows (not a town, but nice campground. Showers and laundry at 
small store. Most hikers lay over here a day before the High Sierra section)

Independence (small, but okay.  Subway, no pizza place, has 
motels and campground, small supermarket, bus to Lone Pine)

Lone Pine (bigger than Independence, more amenities, 

Vermillion Valley Resort (not a town, free beer and bunk, nicest place to 
layover on PCT)

Mammoth Lakes (nice ski town, great restaurants, supermarket)

Tuolumne Meadows (not a town, layover in Yosemite valley if you can take the 
crowds, incredibly beautiful, has well-stocked but small store, campgrounds, 
showers, awesome dayhikes, shuttle service)

Echo Lake Resort (not a town, tiny store, not that PCT-friendly, go to South 
Lake Tahoe)

South Lake Tahoe (motel will pick you up from Echo Lake, lots of 
all-you-can-eat restaurants, beautiful location, has everything, VERY 
nice place to layover).  I suggest sending food box to this p.o. instead 
of Echo Lake.

Sierra City (not much, small market, restaurant, and motel)

Belden Town (not much, basically a small resort with tiny store, lodging 
and restaurant, DO NOT get there during biker weekend, you will not be 

Old Station (not much, pizza place and motel though)

Burney Falls (not a town, tiny store, showers at campground)

Castella (not really a town, small store)

Etna (long hitchhike, don't know)

Seiad Valley (good place for layover, small market, pancake challenge at 
Rick's cafe is excellent, free camping and hot tub at the lodge down the street)

Ashland (large town, has everything including Shakespeare)

Hyatt Lake (not a town, campground)

Crater Lake (not a town, lodge if you can afford it (over $100), tiny store, 
restaurant, campground is far from box pickup)

Cascade Summit (not a town, tiny store, restaurant)

Elk Lake Resort (not a town, tiny store)

Olallie Lake Lodge (not a town, basically nothing)

Timberline Lodge (not a town, lodge if you can afford it, very nice 
restaurant if you can afford it, cafe, tiny store)

Cascade Locks (free camping at marina, showers, market, restaurants, nice 
place for layover)

White Pass (not a town, tiny store)

Snoqualmie Pass (not a town, tiny store, motel, bed and breakfast)

Skykomish (small town stuff, restaurants, motel, laundry)

Stehekin (beautiful location, tiny store, awesome bakery, free camping in 
town a plus, nice layover spot)

In conclusion, the nicest spots for actual layovers are Idyllwild, Big 
Bear City, Kennedy Meadows, Yosemite, South Lake Tahoe, Vermillion Valley 
Resort, Mammoth Lakes (near Red Meadows), Seiad Valley, Ashland, Cascade 
Locks, and Stehekin.

Remember, this is not the AT.  The only actual PCT-friendly places are 
Big Bear City, Vermillion Valley Resort, Seiad Valley, Cascade Locks, and 
I guess Stehekin.  Many people that live in towns along the trail are not
even aware of the PCT's existence.

Hope this helps you '98ers!

Jeremy Rice

p.s. If any '98 thru-hikers want a second opinion on their gear list, you 
can contact me at <riceje@aurora.cwu.edu>. I would be happy to help you 
finalize your gear in these final weeks before the big trip.
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