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Re: [pct-l] Belly Beasties

At 1:05 AM -0700 2/25/98, Brick Robbins wrote:

>>He exposed himself to the bug in small amounts - like training -

>>in the months before one of his later hikes, and reported no 

>>problems for the entire hike. If you think about it, this is

>>the same way we build resistance to disease, as well as 

>>being similar to how vaccines work. 



>Vaccines work by using a DEAD or IMPARED organisms to stimulate your


My response is:

	Well-hmmm- what are <bold><underline>your
qualifications</underline></bold>?? Actually <bold><underline>my

	says that is exactly how one is vaccinated! He cited

	some people getting the flu symptoms-- a few bugs get

	thru and you are most of the time "slightly and probably 

	nothing most people ever notice- get mildly infected".


	From your spelling do I trust your medicine?- "impared"? I think you

	"impaired".   AND maybe that is what he is doing by drinking

	small quantities- he is getting a small sample perhaps- which

	are "impaired" cysts NOT "cycts". Do you need to do

	your medicineSHOUTING BTW! 

	I have seen many people "immune" to giardia and dip their

	canteens w/o regard- and never have any problems even

	weeks and months down stream (oh- there is a pun for you!!)

	I for one want to hear an MD's opinion- preferably one grounded

	(oops- there I go again!) in outdoor medicine.

	Rich Calliger


>As few as 10 Giardia cycts can infect you. These buggers can ONLY
breed and

>grow inside your gut. They LIKE to be there. Just a few can turn into

>millions in a couple of weeks.


>That being said, I don't filter water for Giardia. I am resistant to
it, or

>at least they symptoms don't bother me (that much). Some folks get
laid out

>flat with it. You won't know till you get it first.


>That doesn't mean that the only problems with water (especially in

>are from Giardia. If you get hit hard and fast, it is probably

>not Giardia.


>I wrote a web page about this and other PCT medical concerns. Instead

>wasting bandwidth, if you're interested you can read it at


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