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[pct-l] RE: good layover towns

The best layover towns on the first 1,000 miles of the PCT I found (in
1997) are (in no order):

Idyllwild (state campground, laundry)
Wrightwood (church takes in hikers)
Aqua Dulce (if you find a host family)
Mojave (cheap motel)
Toulemne Meadows (cheap campground, store, snack bar, showers down the
South Lake Tahoe (great motel Sun-Thur rates, lots of food, big town,
public bus system, friendly motel owner)
Cajon Pass (cheap motel with laundry, restaurant, two mini marts nearby)
Big Bear City (free camping, showers at fire station, bus to big store,
nearby pizza joint)
Randy's Hostel (25 miles north of I-10, free camping, solar shower)

Read Jardine's book, and others for more info.  Also, some towns have
web sites with info, mostly for car types though)

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