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[pct-l] Quest Outfitters gets Tyvek for us...]

forwarded from AT-L..this is, I believe the lighter, more flexible
form of tyvek with no printing

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Hi everyone -

Recieved a call from Kay at Quest Outfitters today regarding Tyvek. She got
in touch with DuPont and will be carrying Tyvek 1443R sometime within a
month, at most. The 14-series Tyvek is a fabric style Tyvek, not the type
which has pinholes in it for breathability (16-series), nor the
housewrap/paper style (10-series). Kites use the paper type. While DuPont
says that 1443R is not waterproof, it may as well be from what abuses I have
subjected it to. It is certainly a lot tougher and more tear resistant than
coated taffeta. I poked my finger into the 1443 hard enough to cause a
permanent deformation, and the puddle of water I placed therein remained
without leaking (This is serious science, folks!). Kay estimated that the
1443 weighs half of what her coated taffeta ground cloth weighs, and packs
nearly half as small. She agrees that it is tougher, as well. She has
ordered a 100 yard roll in a 60 inch width, and is currently
researching/experimenting with ways to bond Tyvek to itself, should you need
a piece wider than 60". Price she was not able to give me, as she does not
yet know what the shipping charges/associated costs will be. Her phone
number is (in the US) 1-800-359-6931, feel free to call (get the catalog
while you're at it - cool stuff therein!), and she is going to keep in touch
to let me know how things stand. If you are outside the US, email me with
your address and I'll order the catalog for you, if you want. No, I don't
work for Quest, nor am affiliated with them in any way, shape, or form,
other than as a communication conduit! Happy Trails -


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