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Re: [pct-l] re: Reds Mdw Food Drop

In a message dated 98-02-20 13:31:39 EST, bck@dev.urel.berkeley.edu writes:

<<  recall hearing someone used UPS to get their supply package to Reds
Meadow....can anyone confirm this works?
 BTW, I highly recommend you try the nice hot spring showers at the  Reds
Meadow campground.  >>

For more info on the Red's Meadow area,  check this out:
      <A HREF="http://www.gorp.com/pcta/reds.htm">Red's Meadow Report</A>

BTW, the camping fees have increased to $12 for 1/3 of the Backpacker's Site,
or $12 for you own full-sized site. Now, let's see ... which one is better? 

Note, that there is NO bearbox available since the park service has deemed
them to be un-necessary. They recommend that campers store their food in the
trunk of their car. (Of course, every well-equipped backpacker has a car trunk
with them.)  There ARE bears so do protect your food. 

A campground host once told me that some hikers place their food on the roof
of the restroom to keep it from the bears. YOU decide if that's a good idea.

Charlie Jones
JMT '96
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