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[pct-l] Re: Chris Hardwicke/fees

Hey Chris,
    Don't know if this will be much help, but here goes: Prior to the 
Cleveland National Forest (I believe the first administrative area you enter 
on the PCT) instituting, as a test program in four (?) U.S.F.S. areas in So. 
Cal, a recreation fee, there were no fees to hike the trail. 
  You may even be exempt from that fee, considering the nature of the hike. 
I'd give them a call. The National Park Service began charging backcountry 
overnight fees in some NPS areas, but I believe none of them are on the PCT 
route. My best guess is that you MIGHT incur a minimal processing fee for 
the permit(s). The permit process may have changed, but when I did the hike 
in '82, I believe Cleveland National Forest's permit got me all the way 
through California. I think I had to send-off for a permit in the first 
entering park in Oregon, and Washington was a sign-in-at-entry program (It 
might have been the other way around for Oregon and Washington). In general 
terms, the way it works, is one permit will get you through multiple 
administrative areas, during a contiguous hike. Other's may have more 
up-to-date information.

-Ken Marlow   
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