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[pct-l] Poopin in the woods book..

>inordinate concentrations of people like at Whitney Meadows, or places where
>it would only accumulate, or most any semi-popular backcountry destination,
>obviously....).  Does anyone out there know or has anyone read anything on
>this topic?
>Kevin Corcoran

Actually there is a book that deals with this very topic.  It is called "How
to Shit in the Woods" by Kathleen Meyer.  There is also a version of the
book that has "non-offensive cover".


You can find it at this link, and no...I don't work for Amazon.com...unless
they want to hire me.  He He


On a different rant....One thing that really irked me was people using soap
in the mountains.  I think that biodegradeable stuff should not be sold, or
at least marketed in a different fashion.  Too many people read the label
and see that it is biodegradeable, "Oh so that means I can just wash with it
in the stream".  No No No.  It seems like people don't read the directions,
the stuff is worthless unless you bury it a foot deep in the ground!  You
would not believe how many soapsuds I found pooled up in the lakes of the
Sierras.  It was pretty sad.


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