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[pct-l] Heidi-Cindy Ross' "Journey on the Crest"

I just finished Cindy Ross's "Journey on the Crest". It was wonderful to 
read her accounts, particularly her travels in '82 when we did the trail. 
You asked
me what I thought about her crossing the Sierra that year. In the book, she 
mentioned only one group ahead of her that made it through. That was the 
group of three guys somewhat led by the wirey British chap. They must have 
left about the same time I did (April Fool's Day). I first met them up near 
San Jacinto and latter at Lake Isabella. Somehow, several thru-hikers all 
conviened at Lake Isabella somewhere around mid-May, where we all heard 
about the avalanche and white-out conditions. I sold my topos of the 
Southern Sierra to those guys before hiking along Hwy 395.
   I think it was late June when she got to the same area. When did you 
reach the lake? I didn't know until reading the book that it was a record 
year for snowfall, 40 plus feet. I was somewhat jealous when reading about 
the somewhat patchy snow conditions in the Sierra at that time. I suppose 
that wouldn't have been the case had I gone up there in mid-May. I got back 
on at Echo Lake. The snow conditions there sounded similar to her accounts. 
Her climb from the resupply at Whitney Portal sounded insane! Ouch!
   Thanks for mentioning this book. I forgot all about it. It sure brought 
back a lot of memories! Nothing hit home more than  when she mentioned the 
pull back to the trail, once returning home. It's all I can think about. 
Maybe in the next 2-5 years.

-Ken Marlow   Class of '82
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