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[pct-l] Stove Tech

Hi y'all

Comments about stove tech.

I agree with all those who say DON'T burn white gas in
an open container.  I'm no expert, except that I spent a
pyromanaical childhood making molotov cocktails....

I started the PCT with one of those woodburning Sierra
Zip stoves.  It worked fine, until is was windy.  It
still worked then, but the sparks scared the $@#%$ out of
me.  They might not be so bad in the High Sierra (granite), but in
the desert (dry grass), I think they're not so good.  We switched to
a whisperlight in Idlywild.

One guy we met last year, Lynn, I forgot his last name, used some 
sort of solid sterno pellets, a thin piece of aluminum, and 3 rocks 
to hold up the pot.  Does anyone know more about these?  
Seemed very light, no fuel container, easy to see how much 
is left, etc.

Lynn also had really light tarp material, some sort of silicone coated
ripstop nylon.  I'm not sure if its lighter than tyvek or not.

-Carl Mears


p.s.  Does anyone have an email address for Tick, aka Jason, pct 97 ??

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