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[pct-l] tent, soap

My brother and I used the Walrus Arch Rival last year on the trail and 
didn't have any problems with it.  We were looking for a 2 person tent 
with a decent vestibule that was less than 5 pounds.  We also looked at 
the Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight CD, but it wasn't long enough.  The 
Walrus is much longer and felt more spacious.  Total weight of tent, 
fly/vestibule, poles, stakes, and ground cloth was around 5 pounds.  This 
tent is not free standing, but I thought it was very well made.  A 
freestanding tent might be nice because most of that California soil is 
pretty hard (compared to my home state of WA).  North Face makes some 
light freestanding tents, but not as light as non-free standing tents are.

Also, we sent ourselves laundry soap with the thought that we might not 
find some in some of the smaller towns.  We found small boxes of soap in 
every town we stopped at except Independence, CA.  However, sending 
yourself those small hotel-size bars of soap is nice for showers!  We 
sent all soap materials in sealed (or double-sealed) ziplocs so we didn't 
contaminate our food.  Didn't have any problems.

Jeremy Rice
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