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[pct-l] re: westwind

John Koch wrote:
how did you like the westwind? i have one, but haven't really used it.

I liked the ability to completely close-off all the mesh vents (the door and 
foot) in foul weather. Without a vestibule, it was a necessity to zip-up the 
door. I really disliked the door and mosquito net being on the floor when 
open, and not tied-off to the side like some newer tents. This was more of a 
sore spot when the door was wet from rain, or was collecting mud and dirt. 
The waterproof door and foot area readily collect condensation when 
zipped-up (although I'd think it wouldn't be an issue with the later 
versions with vestibules). I'm disappointed that TNF tents and the bulk of 
new tents lack a true bathtub-style floor.

On my '82 thru-hike, I had a prototype 1.5 person wedge-shaped half dome 
tent with a side entrance and large vestibule/veranda to keep gear under. It 
was a joy to prepare breakfast just outside its door, while in the warm 
confines of my sleeping bag. I imagine many people have found that preparing 
a meal from the narrow door of tunnel-type tent to be a hassle, especially 
while one's partner is in the tent as well. I'd like to find a lightweight 
simple half dome for this reason. If TNF wasn't so concerned about cosmetics,
 their short-lived dual door Katydid (sp?) could have been a best seller 
with a little reengineering.

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