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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #367 (Boot Deal)

Batchelor Bob wrote:	A local sports store is having a massive clearance on
shoes.  Most of what they have is junk.  However, one deal is exceptional --

Merrell "Wilderness" boots:
	all leather
	single piece upper
	Norwegian welt stitching
	Vibram lug
	an all-around awesome 'classic' hiking boot

Normally $220.00, ***now $132.00***

     I wore these boots on the trail last year.  (Size 14, no change in foot
size noted.)  They were comfortable and wore well. HOWEVER:  The soles started
coming apart at about 700 miles and were completely delaminated at 1200 miles.
My son's Rauckles were showing similar wear but were still in one piece and
ready for more miles at that point.  I did not use crampons or stress the
boots abnormally.  In my opinion, these boots are unacceptable for thru-

     The problem seemed to be with the adhesive used in manufacture.  This
defect may explain the "Great Deal" being offered on these boots.  Let the
buyer beware.  Fortunately, the store where I got the boots agreed and gave me
a 100 percent refund.   

Roy Robinson (TrailDad)

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