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[pct-l] Soap

Ditto the statement on laundry soap. First of all, on a crest trail hike the
term "laundered clothes" wasn't in my vocabulary.  Well wait, I did to
laundry in Mammoth lakes, I think in Ashland.  My problem was that I didn't
have any clothes to change into when I did laundry!  (Think of Cheech in the
Cheech & Chong movie).  Powdered laundry soap will work its smell into just
about anything.  It seems like no matter how many thousands of plastic bags
you put it into, the smell will still work its way out.  At most laundry
places, you can buy a small box of detergent for $.50 to $1.00 anyway.

I'm reeeely jealous of all you '98 hikers.  I think I'm going to feel this
way every spring for the next 75 years.  My PCT hike was the by far the best
thing I ever did for myself.  Looking back at my emotions, thoughts,
attitudes, etc....they all seemed to be classified as "Before PCT" and
"After PCT".  Something about spending all that time alone in the woods
without seeing anyone else was what really did it for me.

After biking from Canada to Mexico this summer, I concluded that the
accomplishment wasn't the fact of going from point A to point B in X amount
of days, it was the fact of being away from civilization for so long.  It
took me about 45 days to bike from Canada to Mexico.  It felt like an RV
trip for me.  You could have a beer every day.  Clean clothes if you wanted
to.  Shopping, etc.  In one part of southern califonia I came to a spot that
was about 30 miles from the next food establishment.  Ohmygosh! I thought,
I'd better stock up on a bit of food.  Then I was shocked at how spoiled I
had became.  On the PCT, there were times in Oregon where I was out of food
for the last 30 miles into a resupply.  The bike trip is just "something I
did", (though a longer duration) the PCT hike was more like a "turning
point".  Enough rambling.  Enjoy yr. hikes this year!

I hope to have the new version of the PCTPP (PCT Planning Program) uploaded
on Saturday.  My programming team has had to shift their focus to a crummy
C++ programming (blech) assignment for college.


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