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Re: [pct-l] How fast will I go?

>How do I figure out how many miles I'll do each day? How much slower
>will I go in the Sierra??? In one message, Craig Giffen said that he is
>going to change his program so that you can go slower at the beginning.
>Is that a good idea? If so, how much slower for how long? How many rest
>days and how often.?
>This trip is getting more complicated the longer I work on it!?! I don't
>think I'll ever figure all this stuff out????
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If you don't mind me saying so, you seem to be taking the joy out of the
walk by trying to figure it all out.  You are going into the wilderness, so
don't take the wild and unexpected away from it.  Some people do it in 3
months and cruise, others do it in 6 months and have more time to climb
peaks, swim in lakes, and get to the fun characters you will meet in town.
First, figure out why you are going - to cruise and push yourself to the
limits, to see as many sights as you can, or to enjoy the fellowship of
those you will meet on the way.  Chances are, this will change on the way.

On the trail in 1996 it seemed as the majority were on a five month plan,
which seemed to allow for cruising as well as flexibility to enjoy a town,
recover from minor ailments, and do a little extra sightseeing.  Something
that may at least act as a starting point is to figure out both how much
time you have and how much money you can spend, both of which increase with
longer iteneraries (obviously).

Also, it sounds like you are in fine shape to go fast, which is not
recommended for all.  However, the weight factor and daily up and down may
surprise you inhow different it is from running.  I agree with Craig that
it is good to start off slow.  This is your shakedown period to let your
body get used to the new way of living, to go through and figure out if you
need all the gear you are carrying, and to make sure you are actually
enjoying the hike - its a long way to go!

Don't let others figure it out for you, you are going to walk your walk.
Good luck with all the planning!
Dan and Sara Rufner

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