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[pct-l] starting out

Since I've jumped back into the list, I thought I would reintroduce the
offer we gave last year.

When on the trail in '96 we met many people who helped us out, so we'd like
to try and do the same.  We live in San Diego, about an hour from Campo.
Last year we were able to pick up quite a handful and help people get to
the trail, or at least give information on transportation and accomodations
in San Diego.  A few hikers stayed at our place, but they can attest that
our beach cottage garage apartment barely had enough room for them and
their stuff.

Last year we had so many requests, which was great to meet so many people,
but this year we might have to make more of a formalized effort to carpool
to the trail, so let us know early.  Also, our pad and plans may get a bit
hectic as we may taking off for the CDT around the same time, but don't
hesitate to look us up for info as I see many are beginning to make plans.

Dan and Sara Rufner PCT '96

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