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Re: [pct-l] How fast will I go?

At 10:50 PM -0800 1/1/98, sasha z wrote:
In one message, Craig Giffen said that he is
>going to change his program so that you can go slower at the beginning.
>Is that a good idea? If so, how much slower for how long? How many rest
>days and how often.?

Hi Sasha,

If you haven't done 20 miles per day, I would suggest you don't
start off at that clip. I agree with Craig. Actually depends how early a
riser you are and how late you hike.  Total time hiking.  I would enjoy
those first
days and get familiar with my legs, water use, etc. Start at under 15 miles
for 1 week or so. Actually, go at your own pace that you are comfortable with.

Don't take long breaks. If necessary take the "rest step" approach, especially
on any section your getting tired.  Rest on your feet. But remember,
no ones comes into camp crying because the day's hike was too easy!

Enjoy some easy days during the trip. You'll be getting thinner, stronger
and faster each day. After a month, you be probably higher than 19 on an
"easy" day. just watch those long food feasts in towns. Once in "the
grove", stay in it.

There is no such thing as a guide. With that said, here's a guide?

First ALL generalizations including this one are FALSE:

elevation Gain will be more important than distance particularly in
the beginning. Once those legs are good and strong and the heart is
ready, then they become less important.

                Crude Mileage Indicator  ( Remember Do your own thing )
                You can easily adjust this table if you know how
                you do any. Just increase or decrease those indicated.
                And the most important thing is it's your hike.
                Somedays you might want to push yourself, somedays you
                might like to see the flowers, some days dream.

Elevation Gain
in thousands of feet   1         2       3        4      5

First Two Weeks       15        13       12      10      8

Second Two Wks        19        18       15       14     10

Thereafter            23+       22       20       18     16

Enjoy the "walk"


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