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[pct-l] How fast will I go?


I am visiting my brother, and he has a computer, so I can check my 
e-mail again (my parents are still in the stone age<g>). I'm not looking 
forward to school starting again, but at least I'll have a computer 
again :-p.

When I checked my e-mail, I couldn't believe all the great answers I 
got! It took me a long time to read them all. With all the help, I think 
I'm starting to get a handle on the food thing. I got a real cool 
American Harvester Dehydrater for Christmas, and it is humming right 

I was playing with Craig Giffen's PCT planning program, and that thing 
is really cool!! Maybe someday I'll get to thank him in person <g>!

I was trying to figure out how many miles I am going to hike each day. I 
need that to figure how many days of food to pack.

Ray Jardine hiked the whole trail in about 15 weeks and that works out 
to about 26 miles a day, and I got a book for Christmas called "Soul, 
Sweat and Survival on the PCT" The author said he ran a marathon each 
day he was on the trail.

When I hiked the John Muir Trail, we hiked about 10 miles each day, but 
I had a 50 pound pack, and we spent most of each day resting. 

I can run a marathon in about 3 hours, but I don't think I can do a 
marathon every day. The book says you have to average 19 miles a day, 
including rest days, to finish the PCT in one season. That means 22 
miles a day, with one rest day each week.

How do I figure out how many miles I'll do each day? How much slower 
will I go in the Sierra??? In one message, Craig Giffen said that he is 
going to change his program so that you can go slower at the beginning. 
Is that a good idea? If so, how much slower for how long? How many rest 
days and how often.?

This trip is getting more complicated the longer I work on it!?! I don't 
think I'll ever figure all this stuff out????



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