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[pct-l] more questions!?!

Thanks to the people who answered my first message. I guess I was too 
general. It's just that I'm getting way overwhelmed with all the stuff 
that I need to do with the planning - I don't know where to start.

I guess food and where to mail it to is confusing me the most, so lets 
start there.

How do I decide how much food I am going to need? I could do a calorie 
thing, but the freeze dried stuff I looked at didn't have nutritional 
information on the package (I thought they had to do that...) so I can't 
figure out how many calories are in the meals. If I make my own stuff, I 
don't have a clue how to figure it out either. I am planning on taking a 
lot of corn pasta, since that is supposed to be the best food for long 
distance hiking, but the store here that sells it in bulk doesn't have 
any labels on the bins. How many cals in corn pasta?

I read in a diet book that walking one mile takes 100cal. But what about 
with a pack on? What do hills do? From physics I figured out the 
potential energy required to go up 1000 feet, but it doesn't seem nearly 
enough, so I must be making a mistake.

If I can't figure out how many cals in the food, and how many cals I'll 
need on the trail, how am I supposed to figure this out?

Am totally on the wrong track? Is there an easier way to figure out how 
much food to pack?!?!

I just don't want to run out of food in the middle of nowhere. Maybe I 
should just put too much in the boxes and throw away what I don't use, 
but I can't really afford that either.



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