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[pct-l] Re: pct-l-digest V1 #330

Certainly second Ken Marlow's advice, particularly the part about staying
flexible when things get dicey.  Don't feel bad about deviating from a plan
that isn't working.  

Read the comments of those who have gone before.  I invite you to look at the
Trail Notes which I posted on the PCT digest 11-22-97.  Also, flip through our
web page, 


There's a link from the PCTA web page.  There is much experience and advice
available.  Choose what works for you.   

A LOT of planning and preparation makes the journey easier.  Hikers on the PCT
should have a good idea what they're getting into before they start out.
Knowing what to expect along the way makes the trip enjoyable and reduces the
anxiety level.  I suspect that "fear of the unknown" burns a lot of calories.
Prepare well and have fun.
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