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RE: [pct-l] Forest Service to charge recreation fees


All most all of the trails we hike on were build at government expense.  =
In the past I had often seen paid crews out building trail.  =
Unfortunately, with the current anti-government feelings in the country =
causing massive cut-backs in federal funding, trail maintenance and =
construction has been hit hard as "non-essential."  In the national =
forests today I only see only a very over worked staff. =20

At the nearest Forrest to where I live they used to have 25 summer =
employees doing trail work.  Now they have just 1 trainee!  Until we can =
restore funding expect to see more user fees and fewer trails =
maintained.  We also all need to do more volunteer trail maintenance =
with our local outdoor clubs in the meantime.  Remember, if the =
backcountry becomes too inaccessible it will become forgotten by the =
public and easy prey for some to sell off the lands for clear cuts and =
condos.  We pay the lowest level of taxes of any developed nation, I =
guess we can only expect the lowest level of services from our =

Scott Elliott

From: 	Joe Edwards
Sent: 	Thursday, June 05, 1997 9:50 AM