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[pct-l] Forest Service to charge recreation fees

After you read the article, PLEASE, Email or write your Congressman and
Senator and express your opion.  To me this is just a way for the Forest
Service to get more money to buy new trucks for them to ride around in, =
enjoy the benefits of the Forest.

I personally have not seen to many "Forest Service Employees" out doing
manual labor on the trails, but have seen many stopped at various
Campground Hosts drinking coffee for extended periods of times.

----------- START OF ARTICLE ------------

Visitors' adventure pass good for Los Padres, 3 other parks

by Kevin Howe, Herald Staff Writer

Recreational users of Los Padres National Forest will be charged fees to
help pay for upkeep of trails and facilities, begining this month.

Forest visitors who drive into forests will be REQUIRED to buy a =
Forest Adventure Pass" as of June 16, said U. S. Forest Service =
Jim Youngson.

The cost of the passes is $5 a day, or $30 for an annual pass.

Those who park and leave vehicles on National forest land will have to =
passes displayed in them, he siad, but people passing through who make
short stops and stay with their autos won't have to buy a pass.

Vehicles parked on private land don't need a pass, and those who hold
special use permits in Los Padres won't be required to buy one.

Permit holders may display a copy of the permit in their vehicles or =
a free administration pass from the Forest Service.

The "Adventure Pass" is a test program that will continue through =
1999, Youngson said, to collect fees that will be reinvested in forest
conservation efforts.

The program also includes Angeles, Cleveland and San Bernardino Notional
Forests, along with Los Padres.

The Forest Service hopes visitors will buy the passes volumtarily rather
than rely on enforecement, Youngson said.

Revenuew will be used for things those who use the forests say they =
reducing vandalism and graffiti, improving facilities such as restrooms =
trails and providing more park rangers.

Part of the test, he said, is to gauge how supportive the public is of
paying fees to support the forests.

Violators will first be asked to purchase a pass when found without one,
Youngson said, but the congressional authorization for the program =
fines of up to $00 for repeat violators.

Passes will go on sale June 9 at the Forest Service's Monterey Ranger
District Office, 409 S. Mildred St., King City, at other Forest Service
offices and at sporting goods and other stores, he said.

------------ END OF ARTICLE -------------------------

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