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[pct-l] re: merit badge

Sue Moore writes: 

I joined this list as a way of helping my 
daughter learn about the PCT for a Girl Scout Badge she is working 
on.  As part of that work, we have been following the trip of Bob & 
Joy Turner as they thru hike.  They should be around Inyokern by now. 
 Has anyone in that area seen them and know how they are faring?

Its sounds like you came to the right place for PCT information and to 
possibly follow Bob and Joy's trip. Learning about the PCT seems like a 
great way for your daughter to earn a badge. I used to be in Explorer Scouts 
(under the authority of Boy Scouts, but an older age group,and often a co-ed 
experience, with groups focusing on specific interests). Our "Post" interest 
was backpacking and mountaineering. The experiences changed my life, 
creating the interest (and completion) of a thru-hike of the PCT, and an 
interest in mapping. I am a Cartographer by trade now.
   Although we didn't wear uniforms or work for badges, some of us had gone 
through a merit badge program, associated with previous Boy Scout 
activities. Our Post leaders, who were once involved with Boy Scouts, often 
mentioned stories of merit badge work performed by the parents, with little 
contribution by the scout. Its not the badge that matters, or the fact that 
some child has the title of Eagle Scout, its the will-power, discipline,
frustration and accomplishment that are of value. Now that the two of you 
have found sources of information, researching the PCT is an excellent 
opportunity for your daughter to get her "feet wet" and become actively 
involved in the information research. Not only is the research an excellent 
opportunity for her to acquire general computer, e-mail, and Internet search 
skills, but this can pave the way to advanced search skills necessary for 
high school and college term papers. The PCTA Store offers a great brief 
history of the PCT in an inexpensive publication. Your daughter might ask 
the local library if they have the two volume guides to the P.C.T. published 
by Wilderness Press. Best of luck to your daughter!

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